"I feel  blessed and  privileged to have been touched by the love, light, and grace of an illumined, beautiful, gifted soul like Linda.Her interpretation of my chart tells me that it is possible to know one's self if we learn what it means to listen. This realization is important and meaningful to me right now.

I've spent hours re-listening to the recording of my astrology reading and marvelling at its depth and accuracy. It explains many patterns in my life which have mystified me. It validates years of effort and exploration and provides useful guidance for what seems to be a brightening future. 

I am grateful for her very insightful, spiritual and incredibly rich Life Reading. Her presentation was done in a wonderfully humble yet profound way. Her knowledge is immense and I appreciated her wisdom. It was a spiritual milestone to have a consultation with Linda."

Diane,  Montreal Canada.

"Linda did my astrology chart for me and I was blown away by how powerful the information was. It was so accurate in relation to my life path to date, my personality, but also mirrored many changes I was in the middle of and thinking about making. It proved immensely helpful for me as a navigational tool to support my journey, personally and professionally, to add to my decision making process, to support my already present intuitive nudges, and I am super grateful that I had it done. Linda is an extremely talented, compassionate and insightful astrologer and I highly recommend her."   

Bernadette Logue, Spain and New Zealand.

"I feel so lucky to have connected with this incredibly talented lady.  She is one of the most well-read and knowledgeable people on the subjects of astrology, philosophy and spirituality that I have ever met.  I am blessed to have her in my life.  Her unique ability as an evolutionary Astrologer and wordsmith, to weave "Your Story",   is compelling, raw and extremely healing.  She has an innate understanding of who you are,  where your soul has come from, the past life/lives you have bought through and the major life themes you are being challenged with on your path.  I have read and reread "My Story" many times finding great comfort and a deeper understanding of my actions, my environment and my opportunity to break patterns.
Evolutionary astrology is revolutionary Astrology and is a very different approach from conventional astrology of which Linda also provides.  A combination of the two is the perfect mix."

Sharon Breslin, Australia.

"Linda, I have read my daughter’s chart and I would have to say it’s very precise as per her character.  I was amazed about the things you wrote regarding her father.  What can I say; you hit the nail on the head.  I was amazed what you wrote about her past life. It was fascinating to read this….  It made me cry and I want to cherish her more than before.  Thank you very much."

Maria, Australia.


"Thank you very much for completing my chart for me. I really appreciate it!  The information is entirely accurate and provides great insights and useful info on moving forward. Every aspect of myself was reflected in the charts and reflects the journey I have been on. You really have a gift here, really impressed. "

Aaron, NZ.